A Different Kind Of Oldies Show


A D*K*O*S started out by playing those forgotten and overlooked records from the 50's 60's and 70's.  We also specialized in presenting historical elements of American popular music every week.  In recent months we have become an almost entirely Doo-Wop show because of our relationship with The Doo Wop Cafe. 


I'm Steve Coletti, better known to my listeners as "Big Steve Cole". The idea behind my show is to play the oldies that most radio stations have stopped playing. Every once in a while I even play one that's even too obscure for those few stations that may still play most of what I play.

The usual format of our first hour is to present songs on a particular topic or doing a tribute to an artist who has recently passed away.  The other 3 hours are done in conjunction with The Doo Wop Cafe and features many rare group harmony records along with the more common vocal group tunes.

Any Requests For The Show?  Send us e-mail by Clicking Here.

Your name and e-mail address is kept confidential.

Our Live Saturday Show

Listen to the full 4 hours, from 8-12 Mid EDT, 0100-0500 UTC, at The Doo Wop Cafe in mp3 audio for broadband and dial up, or our own Shoutcast server in 128kbs broadband. Our live show is no longer presented on our live365.com station.


Be Interactive With Us

Join us in the #doowopcafe chat room on the QuakeNet IRC Server when we're live on Saturday nights.

 It's used by all the DooWop Cafe shows and we sometimes join them at other times during the week.


Web Reruns

The show is rerun on our Shoutcast station on Monday through Friday.  It alternates with Rock The Universe and other guest programmers. 


Video Reruns

The video rerun on Sunday afternoons have been suspended.  They will resume via stickam.com in the fall.


On Demand Audio

The last 4 shows are available for you to download so you can listen on your portable player.  You can also hear it on  your home or work computer by either On Demand streaming or downloading it.  We also have an archive of older shows you can also download.


Please check on the links below for the "how-to".

* Listening on DooWop Cafe *

* Downloads, Podcasts, and On Demand *

* Chat Room * Old Play Lists *

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